Chicken Wing

Tattoo Artist & Piercer

Chicken Wing has been an artist for his entire life, has tattooed & pierced around the Houston area for over 20 years & has been a member of the Bad Boyz crew for 13 years. He is deeply influenced by Americana (movies, music & art) & enjoys creating creepy horror themed artwork or tattoos. His tattoo style could be described as neo-traditional mixed with portrait realism, but he loves doing just about any style of tattooing. Chicken Wing has won over 75 awards for his tattooing & has been featured in over 30 tattoo magazines. He has tattooed in 4 countries (he held tattoo licenses in 8 states & in 2 countries) & was the host of the biggest Tattoo Convention (the Houston Body Art Expo) in Texas history for 4 years. He has been profiled on Fox 26 morning news, the CBS morning show, ABC & Telemundo. He use all disposable tubes/needles & is certified in Bloodbourne Pathogens. Chicken Wing can be found at Zen Body Art every Saturday & Sunday (he’s off Monday-Friday).