Tattoo After Care

How to take care of your new Tattoo

Tattoo after care is very important to the health of your body & new tattoo. Aftercare can be different for everyone, but Zen Body Art is happy to work with our customers to help them understand what can or will happen and how to handle special circumstances. The finished result of your tattoo is dependent on the care that it receives from YOU the 1st few weeks. Follow these steps carefully while healing your tattoo & you should have no problems. If you have any questions, concerns or issues please feel free to call our shop at (832) 632-1525.

  • Wash your hands EVERY time before touching your new tattoo. Do not touch your tattoo unless you need to & NEVER touch it with unwashed hands.
  • Remove the bandage, dressing or wrap (if any) after 1-2 hours, then wash hands & gently wash your new tattoo with warm water, fragrance-free pump soap & your fingertips.
  • Gently wash tattoo with warm water, fragrance-free pump soap (No bar soap!) & fingertips twice daily for 3 days. Blot dry with a clean, dry towel.
  • For the first 2 weeks, keep tattoo clean & wear loose fitting cotton clothing over it. If you must wear something that is tight or constricting over the tattoo, please use a sterile non-stick bandage or plastic wrap to cover your tattoo, so that it doesn’t stick to your clothing. Wash the tattoo when the bandage is removed.
  • Your tattoo may scab & will peel similar to a sunburn within 1-2 weeks. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.
  • Do not pick or scratch the new tattoo during the healing process. If your new tattoo itches, you may pat it lightly or apply a small amount of dye-free fragrance-free lotion. (Lubriderm, Keri, Curel, Eucerin). IF an ointment is used, only apply to a clean tattoo & use a very tiny amount, a very thin coating…& gently rub it into the tattoo twice daily for 3-4 days.
  • Do not expose tattoo to sun for at least 30 days. Do not swim or excessively soak your new tattoo until fully healed (at least 14 days).
  • The client shall contact the Tattoo Studio or a health care practitioner at the first sign of an infection or allergic reation. Any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction or adverse reation should be reported to the artist/studio & the Texas Department of State Health Services at (888) 839-6676.
  • Generally, it is a good rule to follow the specific healing instructions of the particular tattoo artist that applied your tattoo. If you have any questions please contact them & they will be very happy to help you in any way that they can.